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VIP tourism

VIP tourism

VIP tourism in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist countries in Europe. The best way to see all the embellishments of Greece and comprehend the real soul of the Greeks is VIP travel by bus, car or sea voyage on a yacht.

Rent of villas and real estate

For our dear customers we offer - rent of villas and apartments in Greece

Car and limousine rentals

For the most demanding customers who are accustomed to travel with maximum comfort, VIP services for renting the most luxurious cars are organized. At your service a wide choice of limousines and a representative class or sports cars.

The services include: car rental without driver, car rental with driver, excursions with Russian speaking guide, exclusive transfers, car rental for corporate parties, weddings and other celebrations, transfers (seeing-off, meetings) at the airport, VIP trips by helicopter If you want to see all the delights of Greece from a bird's eye view, then a unique VIP tour by helicopter is just for you. Unforgettable extreme sensations, breathtaking breathtaking panorama of the panorama, along with a comfortable flight will allow you to experience the beauty of Greece.

Yacht charter

For you, the most luxurious yachts with a professional crew who are ready to fulfill any wishes, first class kitchen and comfortable cabins. The best routes in the waters of the Mediterranean and Red Seas, the opportunity to choose a sailing or motor yacht, as well as reasonable charter prices. Renting a yacht will allow you to organize your vacation in accordance with all fantasies and desires.